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Care Of Your Teeth

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Welcome to YDMC

Your Dental and Medical Center (YDMC) was established by a group of quality
care committed Consultants. YDMC strengths’ are cosmetic, restorative dentistry, and Cosmetic dermatology. We combine technical excellence and state of the art equipment to provide the highest quality results for our patients.

We take pride in our patient-friendly approach, which allows
us to ensure you the most comfortable visit.

Our Core Values

YDMC provides each patient with the individual attention he or she deserves, thus aspiring to build a trusting and long-term partnership with our patient.

Our Vision

To provide the best and most advanced medical care, giving our customers exactly the solution they require.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our best expertise and offer the most sensible, caring and straightforward solutions to our patients.

Our Facilities

Our modern center is equipped with the latest technologies, and our interior provides an atmosphere of comfort, safety, and entertainment.

Why Choose Us?


Fatima Al Kaabi

CEO & Co-Founder of YDMC

To our dearly regarded patients,

On behalf of YDMC Team, I would like personally to welcome you to ydmc.ae and invite you to explore this website to know more about our dental center and how we can help you to improve and sustain your oral health.

As a provider of dental & medical services, our main initiative is to offer our patients the best health care with the latest technology in the dentistry & dermatology. We strive to provide an employee-friendly environment and to foster an open, cooperative, dynamic environment empowering our clinical staff to grow through innovation and support. We believe that this kind of spiritual team work is the best way to equip our staff to achieve our initiative above.

Our goal is to provide you with the healthiest skin & prettiest smile. We look forward to welcoming you within our family.