Dr. Yara Ismail

Dr. Yara Ismail

General Dentist
Years of Experience: 10 Years
Languages: Arabic & English


الدكتورة يارا إسماعيل هي طبيبة أسنان عامة حنونة وذات خبرة ولديها أكثر من 10 سنوات من الخدمة المتفانية في تعزيز عادات الأسنان الصحية وتوفير رعاية أسنان شاملة لكل من الأطفال والكبار.

Dr. Yara graduated as a dentist from Syria in 2013, laying the foundation for her career in dentistry. To deepen her expertise in periodontal care, she completed her post graduate training, obtaining the Syrian Board of Periodontology in 2020.

Her expertise covers a wide range of services, including cosmetic treatments, gum and periodontal treatment, crown and bridge procedures, and root canal treatments. Dr. Yara also specializes in providing gentle and caring dental services for children.

Dr. Yara has accumulated valuable experience working with diverse patient populations, fostering healthy dental habits, and delivering a range of dental treatments to ensure optimal oral health.


– Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), 2013
– Syrian Board of Periodontology, 2020

Areas of Expertise
• Routine dental check-ups and treatments for patients of all ages.
• Comprehensive dental care for adults and children.
• Cosmetic treatments to enhance the aesthetics of smiles.
• Specialized care for gums and periodontal health.
• Crown and bridge procedures for restoring damaged teeth.
• Gentle and caring dental services tailored specifically for children.

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